Projects & Part time CMO

Projects & Part time CMO

We can undertake a one off project or even provide your business with an experienced part-time Chief Marketing Officer.

Get affordable senior level expertise – ensuring that you only pay for the resource you need rather than having to recruit an expensive full-time employee.

Jayshree Badhan, CMO and Co-Founder of Marketing Monkey talks about branding for client Liquid Investments.

Part Time CMO in action

Why are we the right choice?

Senior level expertise

Benefit from a board level CMO with 18+ years of experience in implementation, management and reporting, allowing you to focus on your business.

No expensive employee-associated costs

Save money otherwise spent on recruitment, training, employer’s tax and auto pension enrolment.

More than just marketing

Our combined 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing and managing businesses will give a 360-degree expert eye on your business, giving you peace of mind.

What our customers say

“ We bought Marketing Monkey in-house to review our main marketing activities and help improve lead generation. They helped us put all the right marketing processes in place, from our CRM to our email newsletter campaigns. Director of Marketing Monkey, Jayshree Badhan, became Chief Marketing Officer at Liquid, playing an integral part of the senior team in the planning, executing and delivering of a marketing plan that has contributed to an increase in our social media following, a significant increase in traffic to our websites and the success of our annual event in Brazil. “

Sandeep Chadha, Chief Financial Officer, Liquid Investments