Power of Instagram

29 Aug


You’ve probably read recently that Instagram has just hit a staggering 400 million users!

If you’re not utilizing Instagram in your marketing, you may be missing out on a huge amount of potential traffic and business.

Every month, social media websites have been gaining in popularity and recent studies have shown that on Facebook alone the average user is now spending over fifty minutes a day on that one website. Instagram has been gaining in popularity because of all the additional exposure that your business and brand can gain from posting your information.

Get your business on Instagram

Instagram is simple to use and has the potential to get your name and links in front millions of potential customers very quickly, so here are some quick tips:

Getting started

power of instagram


When you first set up your account make sure you add the URL of your main website, as your username will hyperlink to your profile page where it is prominently displayed. Try to get the name as close to your business name as possible so that your brand is recognize across all social media platforms.


Get some fans

No one is going to see your posts if you don’t have fans so use the free tools to search emails and Facebook for current fans you have. Once you have a few fans, you can get going with your first post! You can either post an image or a 10 second video that relates to your business or product. The best way to get your message out is to then use hashtags in the description – that will link your post to all those hashtags as well. So, make sure you are key word savvy about your product’s features. For example, if you sell designer clothing, include ‘dresses’ and ‘luxury’ as your hashtags.




Stretch your content

A powerful feature within the Instagram platform is when you are about to post your message you have the option to have it automatically post immediately to Facebook and Twitter as well. This means that your visibility can explode in a very short time, driving even more traffic to your website or product for example. There are around 55 million posts uploaded to Instagram every day, so how you stand out is crucial.


Influence your Influencer!

One strategic way to build your Instagram page is to align your business or product with an influences. This should be someone that your customers can relate to or that they trust in your industry. They can run sponsored posts or webinars for example to help you gain a new audience that you may not have otherwise been able to reach.


Build relationships

Instagram is simply another opportunity for you to build a relationship with your customers. So remember you must know your audience so that you can use the right language that they can relate to. Are your customers young? What can you tell them that they can relate to? Make your business and brand popular and friendly – to give them a reason to want to continue to follow you and really engage with you.


Flattery is everything

Instagram has more active users (via mobile) than Twitter. So, this means that your audience are more likely to see your image posts than your tweets whilst they’re on the way to a meeting for example. Why not take advantage of this and give them a mention – make them feel like a valued customer. If nothing else, it will raise a smile on their commute to work!

Want help getting started with Instagram? Contact us and tell us what you need.


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