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Above is a video of our C0-founder and CMO Jayshree Badhan who represented Liquid Investments in Brazil at their annual Investor’s Conference Tour. We provided a full marketing service for Liquid Investments. This included training junior marketers in copy writing, email campaign management, CRM training, sales scripts, Social Media campaigns and website redesign.

The Challenge

The real challenge for Liquid Investments was generating new business leads for the sales team. In addition to this, the social media channels had not been setup correctly and were in need of optimisation to help raise brand and product awareness to the correct target market.

It was essential that all marketing collateral including email newsletters, website and product brochures were written and designed creatively to help reach the main goal of increasing Lead Generation.


The Strategy

After an initial review with the Board, we put forward a detailed integrated marketing plan which included how we would tackle each area together with timelines and KPI’s.

The Board agreed to bring Jayshree on as a part time Chief Marketing Officer to manage the relevant team and execute the strategies.

Feature Points for this Project

We achieved several important targets in this projectwhich helped Liquid Investments increase brand awareness, helped generate new leads and trained junior staff up to a more advanced level.

Marketing & Sales Support

We brought the marketing and sales teams together to achieve important communications through well written newsletters to new leads and existing clients.

Team Training

We ran weekly sessions for marketing & editorial staff to help support and teach the most effective ways to write brochures, web copy and email communications.

Improved Performance

We increase brand awareness, lead generation and social media presence through regular PR, daily social media messaging and monthly email campaign updates.